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YolSandals have been designed as a tool to promote your well-being. They are for your daily and year round use. Wear them with socks in cooler weather since their stimulatory effect is also achieved through socks. You can start your day with YolSandals, wearing them as you do things around the house, or wear them at work , or at the end of your day for a relaxing stimulation. We recommend getting used to walking around with YolSandals gradually, increasing the time little by little. You can wear YolSandals for as long as you want, making sure you are comfortable.

As with all natural stimulation, the reflex stimulation offered by YolSandals requires time and regularity. For this reason, we recommend their daily use for maximum benefit.

YolSandals can be worn outdoors. However, they are not suitable for sports since neither the soles nor the straps would provide the necessary support.

YolSandals can never replace the therapeutic hand of an expert reflexologist, but their use can prolong the positive effects of any session received, all the while heightening your general well-being and increasing your energy levels.

Select Size and Strap length:

Replaceable Straps to Fit Each Foot Width


With YolSandals we have taken into account an important eco-friendly aspect: If your straps become worn or you would like a change of color, you can simply change them for others. Plus, and very importantly, the different strap lengths available permit a perfect fit for all foot widths.

  • For narrow feet we recommend using straps one size smaller ‘S strap’.
  • Whereas for wide feet you would order straps one size larger, 'L strap’.
  • If your feet are average width, you would click on ‘M strap’. 

In this way, YolSandals are just as much for women’s feet as for men’s.

How to exchange the straps:

How to choose your size

Measure your foot from toe to heel resting on it and choose your size.

Size In cm In Inches
35 22,4 — 23,5 8,8 — 9,2
37 23,6 — 24,7 9,3 — 9,7
39 24,8 — 25,9 9,8 — 10,2
41 26 — 27,1 10,3 — 10,7
43 27,2 — 28,3 10,8 — 11,2
45 28,4 — 29,6 11,3 — 11,7